Shoe Repair

Our Customized Approach to Shoe Repair

You can’t just learn the knowledge that we have here overnight. This is years in the making. Each item is completely different and unique in its own way. Our shoe repair specialists have worked with a wide spectrum of goods and they’ve become familiar with each product over many years.
Whether you’ve got a missing buckle on your favorite Jimmy Choo shoe, or a scuff on your Louis Vuitton, we can take care of any designer brand!
We use top quality original materials for shoe repair and we dye suede, leather and fabrics to create a brand new look for your footwear. We repair shoe hardware such as recasting, replating and soldering. Our experts can recreate any hardware fixtures, including designer labels, to make your shoes look factory new.
Shoe Lab is proud to offer a 10% discount to our customers in uniform, thanking you for your service.

Other Accessories

Have a favorite belt that was unintentionally ruined or has just worn down over time? Maybe a leather watch band that you wish you didn’t have to replace? Bring your accessories to us so that we can help restore them to a working condition! Our stitching specialists will repair your items after an evaluation and deliver satisfactory results.

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