Luggage Repair

Luggage Repair Specialists

It’s difficult taking care of luggage, especially when it’s being handled by someone when you are traveling or on vacation.  You spent a lot of money on your designer luggage and the last thing you want is someone rough handling your investment. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable which is why our customers love bring their luggage to our luggage repair specialists. They trust us with their shoes, and designer handbags so why not let us repair their worn and damaged luggage?

Our luggage repair specialists are not only crafty repairmen, but they have an incredible eye for detail involving these goods. With a staff full of professional repairmen, we are fully equipped to take on any job.

You will drop your goods off and we can assure you that they will be in the right hands. After an evaluation of your products, our luggage repair specialists will inform you about what needs to be done to restore your cherished items back to quality condition.

You may see scuffs, scrapes and other flaws visibly, but our specialists tend to find things that you wouldn’t have realized were there without being informed. Our guidance is part of our service, as it is in our best interest to see that your goods are restored back to tip-top form!

We can repair all facets of a piece of luggage; zippers, wheels, handles and linings. We also stitch, clean and/or dye your luggage if need be. We work with all of the top brands including Tumi, Samsonite and Atlantic.

Fun Fact: We clean and repair golf bags, too!

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