Furniture Accessory Repair

Furniture Accessory Repair Services

Shoe Lab offers furniture accessory repair services for all of the smaller decorative pieces in your home. Given our name, most people think of us as a shoe cobbler or shoe repair store but we are able to do more than that. We offer a large selection of leather repair services and one of those is our furniture accessory repair.

With the ability to fix and upgrade the look of your furniture, the possibilities of remodeling and restoring are endless! The process is simple – you bring us the furniture accessories or decorative pieces and we will evaluate the damage before we continue the repair work.

We commonly deal with pillows and other furniture accessories and we are able to match fabrics, stitch and restore the damaged goods. You will be surprised how a little TLC goes a long way. If you have some decorative pieces in your home that hold sentimental value, bring them to us for an inspection and we will do our best to make them look new again.

You can also call our shop at (310) 826-3663 and we will be happy to discuss your options with you. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page to receive tips and information to keep your home goods looking new.

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