Our Leather Restoration Services

We offer bag repair, shoe repair, luggage repair, furniture accessory repair and leather restoration you can count on! Our evaluation process will determine the rate in which we can repair your item for you. If you are unsure about what leather repair you might need. Fill out our contact form so that we can provide you with an evaluation.


Shoe Lab believes in a customized approach to each leather restoration project. Like human bodies, no two products are the same. Each item will “heal” differently, which is why we cannot set fixed rates for our services. Our evaluation process will determine the alterations necessary to restore your item back to a high quality condition!

Hand-Finished Workmanship

Our staff is stocked with professional shoemakers and repairmen who specialize in working with all kinds of goods. After an evaluation, these specialists will make sure that your product is in the best hands possible. They will find the flaws that you couldn’t see!

Brand Name Fashion

We are able to provide leather restoration services for all your favorite brand name items that you thought were ruined by wear and tear. Whether these items were tarnished, broken or worn out over time, our professional team will evaluate and restore designer handbags, shoes, furniture and luggage to the high quality condition they were once in.

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