5 Facts About Leather You Didn’t Know

We repair your leather goods

The Shoe Lab specializes in leather repair for all of your favorite leather goods. Whether that is a handbag, piece of luggage, pair of shoes or upholstery, our repairmen are experienced in refurbishing these items. Their expertise lies within their knowledge of these products and leather in general. There is so much to learn about leather as a fabric, and we want to share some of the more interesting facts that you may not have known before.

$53 Billion Annually

The leather industry brings in an annual revenue of over $53 billion! Leather goods are looked at as luxury items. The higher the quality, the more expensive the item. Leather is also an extremely durable item. Investing in a high quality leather product is a wise way to spend. The annual revenue in the leather industry is higher than the revenues of coffee, rice, rubber, cotton and sugar all combined. The highest grossing leather product is leather shoes, which generate 60% of the income.

Top Grain Leather is NOT the Highest Quality

The name “top grain” deceives the general public into thinking that this is the highest grade of leather goods on the market. This simply is not true. In fact, “full grain” leather is the highest quality. Beware when you’re buying your leather if you’re looking for the highest quality!

Leather Wallpaper

In Italy, more specifically Florence and Venice, it was trendy to have your walls covered in leather in the 17th century. We’re glad that fashion trend burned out or we’d be refurbishing leather walls a lot more than we’d like to!

White Leather Goods

White leather is the most difficult of all leather to produce. The dye that it takes to create white leather goods can only be used with the highest quality of leather. If it is used with lower quality, it can ruin the leather material.

Leather Changes Texture

Leather is like that of a chameleon. It changes its texture based on the environment that it is in. In a more humid environment, leather becomes softer. In a cooler environment, it becomes tougher. This is important knowledge to have so that you keep your leather goods in a suitable environment for the well being of their condition.

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