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Los Angeles is known as one of the entertainment capitals of America. There are many niche regions in this vast city, and each one takes on a personality of its own. Brentwood LA (LA as in short for Los Angeles, not to be confused with Louisiana) is home to many upscale residents, with a culture that consists of healthful living and luxurious culture.

Brentwood LA, just minutes from Beverly Hills, is filled with high-end fashion boutiques and trendy restaurants. Neighboring towns such as Santa Monica, Venice and Westwood are full of nightlife and shopping as well.

With people always out and about, there has been an adopted “look good, feel good” mentality in the Brentwood LA area. Strolling down Rodeo Drive on a sunny afternoon in your latest Louis Vuitton shoes, with a Prada handbag draped over your shoulder, will have you feeling like a sensation! There is a palpable fashion sense that has become a staple in the community over the years.

Your cherished, high-priced items develop natural tarnish due to use over time. That much is obvious. Rather than replacing these items, Brentwood’s local repair shop welcomes all who need restoration services. Shoe Lab specializes in repairing designer handbags, designer shoes and even designer luggage.

If you’ve got items that you aren’t ready to part ways with, give us a visit! We will evaluate your items, find damage that may have gone unnoticed to the common eye and restore your items back to high quality condition.

Are your designer and luxury items looking a bit worn out? Bring them by our shop or give us a call to discuss your restoration options before you decided to get rid of the item. You can react us a (310) 826-3663 or you can connect with us on Facebook.


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